HemoStep Kit:

The first tool to successfully detect and quantify blood contamination in cerebrospinal fluid

High sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability in just 55 minutes.

Welcome to the future of CSF testing! We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking method that will revolutionize how you DETECT and QUANTIFY blood contamination in cerebrospinal fluid samples.

With relative frequency, lumbar puncture procedure is complicated by the contamination of CSF with blood cells as result of needle trauma, also known as traumatic tap.

No more confusing diagnoses and analysis complications due to the presence of blood in Cerebrospinal Fluid samples thanks to the HemoStep Kit.

Quantifying blood contamination in CSF by Flow Cytometry

Current methods for the determination of contamination in CSF consist of applying corrective formulas based on the assumption that the ratio of WBCs to RBCs in CSF will be identical to that in blood.

This determination is only correct if neither WBC nor red blood cells are lysed in the CSF during the time between collection of the liquid and the cell count, which is very unusual.

New high-performance method for evaluation of CSF contamination by Flow Cytometry

Quantitative assay measuring blood contamination in CSF

Data Analysis to extract and interpret assay results


Our method delivers results with exceptional sensitivity, ensuring you can detect even the slightest traces of blood contamination with precision.

Experience high specificity without known interferents, providing you with confidence in your CSF testing.

HemoStep seamlessly works with stabilized samples, enhancing the flexibility of your workflow.

Say goodbye to cytotoxic effects and cell losses. Our solution is designed to safeguard your samples.

Streamline your testing process with a protocol that takes just 55 minutes, saving you valuable time without compromising accuracy.

Count on reliable and reproducible results every time you use our method, ensuring consistent outcomes for your research or clinical applications.

What this kit includes?

Capture Beads

Capture beads coated with an Hb0-specific monoclonal antibody.

Wash Buffer

25ml wash buffer (10X).

Control +

Positive control. 5 vials of lyophilised RBCs lysate.

Calibration Beads

Calibration beads coated with two different concentrations of Hb0.



Standard of known concentration. 1 vial of lyophilised RBCs lysate with known [Hb0] concentrations.

Detector Antibody

1,2 ml fluorescently conjugated (PE) detector antibody (10μl/test).

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HemoStep Kit

Immunobead assay for quantitatively measure of blood contamination in CSF

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