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Peptide Services

Since Immunostep was founded in 2001, we have designed and synthesized a multitude of peptides that have been used by our customers in virtually all areas of work, especially in research. Discover all our peptide-related available services.

Immunostep offers a wide range of services for recombinant protein production and processing, from different protein expression platforms to a host of other protein-related services, such as antibody and enzyme-based assay design, and processing and custom manufacturing for a wide variety of applications and research areas.

Protein Services

Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibodies

For the last few decades, the use of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies has become widespread in laboratories all over the world. The adaptability of these biological tools to diverse applications means that they are involved in a large number of the processes which are developed in research laboratories, and in the R&D departments of many institutions.

Our variety of antibody services include freezing and storage of hybridomas, OEM/bulk production, mycoplasma testing and decontamination, hybridoma isotyping, antibody purification, conjugation, or lyophilization, stabilization and disiccation. Have a look, and discover all the possibilities.

Specialized Antibody Services

Exosome Custom Solutions

Exosomes have been proposed to provide means for intercellular exchange of macromolecules, allowing the transfer cellular information, contributing to intercellular communication in relevant biological processes. Take advantage of our expertise in exosomes, and unlock their full potential!

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