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The HeMoStep kit is an in vitro immunoassay for the quantitative measurement of blood contamination of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples by flow cytometry.

The intended use of the assay is to quantify the contamination of CSF samples with peripheral blood, helping, in combination with other tests such as flow cytometry (FCM) and cytology (CC), to the accurate interpretation of the results from the analysis of this type of samples (CSF) improving the diagnosis of leptomeningeal disease in patients with B and T cell lymphomas and acute leukemias of lymphoid and myeloid origin.

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Storage Store in the dark at 2-8°C.
Content kit

– Capture microspheres coated with an Hb-specific monoclonal antibody;

– 25 ml wash buffer (10X);

– Positive control. 5 vials of lyophilized RBCs lysate;

– Calibration microspheres capped with two different concentrations of Hb;

– Standard of known concentration. 1 vial of lyophilized RBCs lysate with known concentrations of [Hb];

– 1.2 ml fluorescently conjugated (PE) detector antibody (10 μl/test);

– Instructions for use.


The reagent is provided in aqueous buffered solution containing protein stabilizer, and ≤0.09% sodium Azide (NaN3).