• Tissue Macrophages

    A natural monitor for cancer processes and body homeostasis

    Discover the potential of evaluating Tissue Macrophages in both steady-state and
    in response to distinct “stressors” such as cancer, infection, vaccination or trauma. 

One revolutionary concept, two performance applications

On one hand, the function of the monocyte-macrophage system can help us to develop an improved, and minimally-invasive diagnostic tool, for early diagnosis of cancer, and monitoring of treatment and disease progression in oncology.

And on the other hand, thanks to this innovative technique, we are able to check the state of balance of our body systems, which is absolutely key when we want to monitor the correct functioning of our living organism.

Check the hidden potential of the tissue macrophages analysis:

  • TiMaScan

    monitoring of cancer via tissue macrophages
  • ToBoScan

    Screening of monocytes and macrophages with a optimized dried formulation
  • FlowBoScan

    Panel in liquid format for monocytes and macrophages screening