Stem Cell Kit:

Reagent kit for the quantitative determination of Stem Cells by Flow Cytometry

  • Allows simultaneous determination of the percentage and the absolute number of cells per microliter of the sample in a single tube;

  • Identifies non-viable cells and non-specific background signal;

  • Quick and easy identification of double positive CD45 and CD34;

  • Isotype control (IgG1) included: highly reliable diagnostic results.

Enumerate total and viable CD34 cells (Stem Cells)

Count CMH CD34+ plays a very important role in the autologous and allogeneic transplantation and are widely used in the treatment of hematological diseases, solid tumors or autoimmune disorders, because of this, a rapid hematopoietic reconstitution depends on reinfusion of a large number of MHC.

Accurate & easy to perform

Reproducible and reliable results

quantitative flow cytometry assay

The SCK (Stem Cell Kit) has been designed to enumerate total and viable CD34 cells and to calculate their percentage as accurately, reproducible, and rapid enumeration as possible. It uses a tube with a certain number of spheres that allows us to estimate the cells using a single platform.

Quick and easy identification of double positive CD45 and CD34

This kit allows the identification of CD34 + cells and link together their number with the identified known number of spheres discriminating between viable and non-viable cells and discarding false positives produced by non-specific staining of the isotype.

Stem Cell Kit is a kit designed for quantitative determination of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) CD34 positive due to the specificity of the following antibodies:

  • The anti-CD45 antibody recognizes type C tyrosine receptor protein phosphatase, a protein of 220 kD member of Leukocyte antigen family;

  • The anti-CD34 antibody recognizes the progenitor hematopoietic cell protein antigen CD34;

  • Additionally, the number of false positives caused by nonspecific staining can be detected with the use of CD34 isotype control (IgG1).

Analyze any sample, including: blood, bone marrow, mobilized blood, leukapheresis products, and umbilical cord blood

Flow Cytometry Stem Cell analysis

  • Stage 1: selection of microspheres population;

  • Stage 2: selection of viable cells population (section B);

  • Stage 3: using population from section B (viable cells), identify CD34+ cells;

  • Stage 4: Note the number and the percentage of cells CD34+.

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50 test CD45/CD34 – 50 test CD45/igG1 – 100 test Stepcount – 100 test 7-AAD – 10ml 10X NH4CI Lysing Solution | Download TDS

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