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    Revolutionizing Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis: Unleashing Precision for Haematologists with Flow Cytometry


    In the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis field, the quest for precision and accuracy is the heartbeat of haematologists. Accurate detection and quantification of blood contamination in CSF samples are crucial for informed clinical decisions. Traditional methods relying on assumptions and outdated correction formulas have stifled the potential for breakthroughs. At Immunostep, we’re proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution – a revolutionary kit that leverages Flow Cytometry to precisely detect and quantify blood contamination in CSF samples, promising haematologists the precision they need. Let’s discover the new HeMoStep Kit.

    The Challenge

    Conventional methods of assessing blood contamination in CSF assume that the ratio of white blood cells (WBCs) to red blood cells (RBCs) in the CSF mirrors that in blood. This assumption underpins correction formulas used to compensate for contamination. However, this assumption doesn’t hold true in real-world scenarios, and cellular lysis can occur during the interim period, so alterations between sample collection and analysis may appear, rendering existing methods obsolete.

    A Game-Changer Kit

    Our newly launched kit, HeMoStep, is a game-changer in CSF analysis. By utilizing Flow Cytometry, this solution offers an innovative approach to blood contamination detection and quantification. Flow Cytometry allows for rapid and precise characterization of cells, providing accurate insights into the composition of the CSF sample.
    The developed method allows the determination CSF peripheral blood contamination in a <1h protocol circumventing the problems arising from CSF cytotoxicity and minimizes sample usage, which is particularly important in paucicellular samples, by using as sample the supernatant of RBC lysis that is usually discarded.


    1. Unmatched sensitivity and accuracy: Our method delivers results with exceptional sensitivity, ensuring you can detect even the slightest traces of blood contamination with precision, making diagnostic and treatment decisions more accessible;
    2. High specificity without known interferents: Experience high specificity without known interferents, providing you with confidence in your CSF testing;
    3. Compatible with stabilized samples: HeMoStep seamlessly works with stabilized samples, enhancing the flexibility of your workflow;
    4. Avoid cytotoxic effects and cell losses: Say goodbye to cytotoxic effects and cell losses. Our solution is designed to safeguard your samples;
    5. Easy and quick protocol: Streamline your testing process with a protocol that takes just 55 minutes, saving you valuable time without compromising accuracy;
    6. Reliable and reproducible results: Count on reliable and reproducible results every time you use our method, ensuring consistent outcomes for your research or clinical applications.


    Our revolutionary kit represents a significant advancement in CSF analysis. By harnessing the power of Flow Cytometry, we’ve eliminated the inaccuracies associated with traditional methods, providing healthcare professionals with a precise and efficient tool to detect and quantify blood contamination in CSF samples.

    If you want to have more information about HeMoStep, and to elevate the standard of care for patients, CLICK HERE and go to our kit website, where you can check all the details.