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Blood TIMAs analysis

Different studies have identified changes in the absolute and relative numbers of circulating monocytes and TiMas in clinical conditions with significant tissue disruption, such as in case of inflamation, sepsis, autoimmune disease and cancer. Therefore, acurate detection and definition of blood monocyte & TiMa subset represent a novel tool for early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in oncology and tissue homeostasis.

Minimally invasive (blood test)
Cancer screening & Tissue homeostasis
Very fast results (available online)

How does the process work?

Our TiMas products are assays that allow us to unequivocally detect the origin and quantity of tissue macrophages (TiMas) in the blood, allowing early detection and monitoring of cancer, and also to detect imbalances in the homeostatic balance of the organism.


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Blood is drawn and analyzed by Flow Cytometry.


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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are tissue macrophages?

Tissue macrophages are a type of immune cell that play a crucial role in maintaining the health and balance of tissues throughout the body.

Why are tissue macrophages analyzed in peripheral blood?

Because there is a balance in the number and percentage of this cell type circulating in our blood and abnormal values may be indicative of tissue destruction, a process that is related to many diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, etc.

How much blood is needed for the test?

The cell type being tested (TIMAs) is rare, so it is necessary to draw approximately 1 ml.

Is the analysis invasive or painful?

No, the analysis is non-invasive and painless. It simply requires a blood sample, similar to a routine blood test.

Is it necessary to come fasting for the blood collection?

It is not necessary, the type of analysis (cellular) is not influenced by food intake.

How does this analysis differ from traditional blood tests?

Traditional blood tests primarily focus on measuring specific markers or substances in the blood, whereas our analysis specifically targets tissue macrophages to provide insights into overall immune and inflammatory health.

How often is it recommended to repeat the analysis?

It is recommended to do it once a year, but it should be noted that it does not replace any medical test prescribed by your doctor. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Can the analysis be performed on children or elderly individuals?

Yes, the analysis can be performed on individuals of all ages, provided they are able to provide a blood sample.

Is the analysis accurate and reliable?

Yes, our analysis is based on validated scientific methods and cutting-edge technology, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the results provided.

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